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Goals and Objectives

We aim to be a pillar in the community, where we will offer our services to returning veterans. We plan on addressing the increasing population of homeless veterans and connecting veterans in need to proper mental health services, including a mental health hotline, as well as our pets for vets program. Our youth program will include assisting kids with ROTC entry and getting them prepared for the class. Additionally, we are looking to increase college enrollment and make sure veterans have the proper transportation to doctor’s visits.

Our wrap-around programs include:

  • Housing program
  • Job search program
  • Assistance with disability filing/paperwork
  • Transportation to appointments
  • Clothing and shelter connection programs;
  • Credit repair program
  • Legal advice program
  • Health and wellness program
  • Service Dog Assistance
  • Health and Fitness Program
  • ROTC Youth Entry Assistance Program
  • Mental Health Hotline Service